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Changes after the release of pySecDec version 1.0

For release notes of later releases see the release page on github.

09.08.2017 release of pySecDec-1.2
  • [make_package] more efficient algebra
  • [util/integrator] add dedicated 1D integrator 'cquad'
  • [util/integrator] implement 'MultiIntegrator' to choose an integrator depending on the dimension of the integrand
26.06.2017 release of pySecDec-1.1.2
  • [make_package] fix unittest failing with python 3.6.1
  • [util/integrator] fix one dimensional integration
  • [util/integrand_container] fix memory access error in "complex_to_real"
30.05.2017 release of pySecDec-1.1.1
  • [make_package]: drop lower bound on 'requested_order'
  • [loop_integral]: fixed parameters of loop integral measure for integrals with both doubled and inverse propagators
  • fix geometric_ku decomposition method
20.04.2017 release of pySecDec-1.1
  • update documentation
  • added example 'easy'
  • update error propagation
29.03.2017 release of pySecDec-1.0

Changes after the release of SecDec version 3.0

02.03.2016 SecDec-3.0.9
  • Updated submit scripts compatible with CERN's lxplus
  • Bug fix related to the treatment of one-scale integrals with contour deformation
  • Updated the manual
26.09.2015 SecDec-
  • small bugfix in the general branch regarding epsabs and epsrel definitions
21.09.2015 SecDec-3.0.8
  • Fixing different specifications of epsabs and epsrel values for each order in eps now works again.
  • Imaginary sign fixed for single-scale one loop integrals when including numerical values in the ScalarProductRules in the math.m input file instead of general kinematic invariants.
03.06.2015 SecDec-3.0.7
    loop directory:
    • It is now possible to include constraints on kinematic invariants using the keyword "Mandelstamrelations" in the math.m input file, see the math.m template generated by "secdec -prep" for more info. These constraints can serve to remove spurious zeros in the F-function of the integrand. The zeros were previously also removed for four-point kinematics. However, the behaviour was not correct when the user chose to eliminate any other external momentum than p4 in combination with off-shell external legs.
    • The kinem.input file understands inputs of the type ^2, e.g. 2^2 can be entered as well as 2**2.
    general directory: (BIG thanks to Rudi Rahn for his fixes and improvements!!)
    • prefactor orders in the regulator epsilon of less than -1 are now possible
    • a negative prefactor order can now also be used in combination with the togetherflag
    • for each pole coefficient, the number of integration parameters is adapted to the number of variables which actually do occur in the corresponding functions
08.05.2015 SecDec-3.0.6
  • Parallelization of algebraic part switched off per default now
  • Removal of bugs when using the general branch
  • Minor changes when using Mathematica's NIntegrate with SecDec, removal of bugs
  • Improvements when using a cluster (inclusion of a batch submission script for the LSF system)
14.04.2015 SecDec-3.0.5
  • Explicit numerators can now also be used when giving zeros in the powerlist in the mathfile
11.03.2015 SecDec-3.0.4
  • Number of Feynman parameters corrected in the stage where an optimal lambda is found (called with contourdef=true)
  • install script no longer added to the user path when the SecDec folder is added to the bashrc (or similar) script
  • some bugs fixed related to the usage of batch systems
27.02.2015 SecDec-3.0.3
  • automated SecDec check scripts made compatible with usage of Ubuntu
  • Readme, manual included
26.02.2015 SecDec-3.0.2
  • bug fixed related to usage of more complicated prefactors
  • zeros in the powerlist now work with cutconstruct=True
  • bug fixed related to the handling of 1-loop tadpoles by the two new sector decomposition strategies
25.02.2015 SecDec-3.0.1
  • Missing "myatof" definition included for those integrals which do not contain any kinematic invariants other than masses

Changes after the release of SecDec version 2.1

last updated: August 09, 2017